Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wing progress??!! With just a little work, the Blue Wing turned out to look a lot like a Harley . Just had to put one picture of the ElectraGlide in here. It's for sale...........
Picking the bike up from this frame and restoration shop in Santa Rosa, CA. It has a salvage title, was totalled with 20 miles on it in 2003. The person that bought it from the salvage company put 1900 miles on it, after doing a few things to make it safe to ride. It was then sold to the man that owns this shop, and was never ridden again. It will always have a "totaled" title, but the bike will be fine.
The work begins. The bike is totally stock with no optional items from Honda or aftermarket. Since it's been in storage for 3 years, it's dusty, dirty and has a lot of blemishes from the wreck and from people wiping is without water or cleaner. My work is cut out for me.
The left bag lid will be replaced, the blue trim piece will be replaced with chrome. All parts are on order!
The left lower fairing will have to be replaced. Also the insert over the radiator shown here will be replaced. These 2 items alone, in Illusion Blue, will be around $600 and require a LOT of work doing the R&R.
Checking out all the area of damage, also installing the CB , wiring for the driving lights, and starting to install some of the chrome pieces.
Inspecting the front , installed the driving lights, and replacing the "new" front tire with a new Bridgestone to match the 70 series rear tire I just put on. The bike has 2000 miles on it, but the tires are 4 or 5 years old, so I'm dumping them.
Preparing to install the hitch, and making a complete inspection of the frame and rear components.
Installing the hitch and wiring. I left the harness on El Nomad's bike, in case he ever needs to tow something. It was a different harness because of the ABS brakes requires something a little different.
The control station. Little too dark to pick up on the wood trim dash panel. The gas cap cover is off the original Kokopelli, we saved it from the salvage yard.
Sunday, 15 July 07. The bike is finished except for a couple more pieces of chrome that are on back order, and the graphics. It will be plain like this until mid August.
This plate has been on several bikes now. It was one of the few parts that survived the Kokopelli's found a new home, hopefully for a long time.